Q: How do you use the mouthpiece mount for GoPro?
A: The mount is used for hands free, first person filming. You bite down on the comfort bite mouthpiece, which allows you to breathe and film hands free! You can also use the mount as a handle to film yourself in a different perspective, film your friends, or run into the shore-break like Clark Little.

Q: How do you keep your GoPro camera attached?
A: You can secure your camera with our adjustable lanyard either around your neck or your wrist. It is also easily removable.

Q: Why do you need a mouthpiece mount?
A: When doing certain activities, especially in water sports, the mounts out there, just do not work. The head-strap gets knocked off in waves. You cannot lay down on your board while wearing the chest mount. Most people who surf or do other water activities do not wear a helmet. To get that critical first person shot hands free, the mouthpiece mount is the way to go!

Q: Some of the competitors mounts seem flimsy and bouncy, and some do not offer a screw! How does your mount differ?
A: We believe in going the extra step to have a quality product. With our diving background we decided to go with the highest end comfort bite mouthpiece to ensure a steady shot and a comfortable experience. We include a lanyard and a screw in the package, and best part is we offer several color options!

Q: Is the mount only for surfing or water sports?
A: No, the mount has been used for many things including Snowboarding, Skiing, Skateboarding, Parkour, Downhill Long-boarding, Zip-lining, ATV riding, Backyard Games, Fishing, and more. The mount transforms into a handle and can be used for any occasion.

Q: How do I stay connected with the GoSurf Brand?
A: You can stay up to date by following us on Social Media @GoSurfAccessories. We love to feature user photos and videos, so if you want to share your epic experience using the mount, tag us in and we will share out to our followers!


GoSurf Accessories™ Mouthpiece Mount:
Works with GoPro’s Hero® camera
Works with the GoPro® Hero[2,3, 3+or 4] camera
Made to be used with GoPro’s Hero® camera
Made to be used with GoPro® Hero [2,3, 3+ or 4] camera

GoSurf Accessories™ Mouthpiece Mount is under Trademark 2104 with Patent Pending.