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Expression Session with Kalani Robb

Catch Surf, Fulcrum Surf, GoSurf Accessories, Speaqua, and more put on an expression session with Pro Surfer Kalani Robb in Del Mar, CA. Dozens of groms flooded in to surf with the pros and try out Catch Surf’s crazy and unique foam boards. At the end of the event, the best surfers scored some insane […]

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New Jersey’s coldest use GoSurf

Surfer Jesse Helm and Photographer Dave Nilson suited in 5 millimeter wetsuits, brave the harsh East Coast chills for a chance to score some barrel time. And, Indeed they did. Local NJ surfers are known to enjoy the frosty water temps, usually because that means steep and deep barrels. Here, they link up while surfing the […]

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Dropping in: Slyde Handboards

GoPro cameras are the best thing to take out to in the water to shoot. Our Mouthpiece Mount is the best attachment for your surf or wave shots. Now we have linked up with the best hand plane company, Slyde Handboards for the best ride. If you are unfamiliar with hand planes, they are a small board […]

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Wavehouse San Diego GoSurf Session

The worlds best mouthpiece mount/ handle, got under the lip at Wavehouse, San Diego. GoSurf Accessories linked up with Team riders Eric Silverman and Josh Ornlez for an epic session on the Flow Barrel. We shot with our GoPro Hero 4 attached to our Mouthpiece Mount, while Elite Aerials took to the sky with the GoPro […]

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Mikala Jones talks his views, tips and knowledge on POV GoPro filming using mouth mounts and handles. “My favorite angle is still definitely handheld, because you can pass it back and forth inside the barrel for both looks.” Check out more on this article The GoSurf Accessories Mouthpiece Mount is the only mouth mount for GoPro […]

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GoSurf has been Instatized!

The constantly growing Instagram account @Instatized features photos of surfers and wave photography from around the world. The only thing is these are more then photos- they are photos that have been Instatized. Using an editing program, these guys have created a new movement of art for the surf culture. Ryan Mack snapped an amazing […]

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Success on Kickstarter

Really stoked we’ve reached our kickstarter goal and been successfully funded here at GoSurf Accessories! We are very appreciative of all the support we have gotten and are looking towards a bright future in the epic action sports industry. We can’t wait for all of the opportunities to come. Don’t forget to come show your […]

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