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The #1 Mouth Mount for GoPro® Hero Cameras

GoSurf Accessories™ provides the most stable, durable and comfortable mouth mount for GoPro®. We went the extra mile to incorporate the best mouthpiece on the market to insure stability and comfort. Each mouthpiece mount comes with a screw and adjustable lanyard. Not only a surf mount, the mouth mount can be used for plenty occasions.

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A Multifunction GoPro Surf Mount

The GoSurf Accessories™ GoPro® Surf Mouthpiece Mount can be used in different ways to capture multiple angles! Use the mount facing up, facing down, or fold it out and use it as a handle. Attach the adjustable leash to keep the GoPro® camera with you. The built in airway allows for easy breathability and high performance activity.

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Gear Up With GoSurf Accessories

GoSurf Accessories™ Mouthpiece Mounts are available in a wide variety of color choices to match your personal style. Represent GoSurf Acccessories and gear yourself out with board stickers, tank tops and tee shirts. Hashtag your photos on social media with #gosurf for a chance to be featured on ours. Represent and join the GoSurf family today.

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6 Ways Yoga Improves your Surfing

1. Flexibility – Surfing is an extremely dynamic sport using multiple parts of your body to catch and ride a wave. We as surfers need to be strong but also flexible. Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility which will allow you to move fluidly in the water and recover faster from a hard […]

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Surfing the Mentawais

Recently GoSurf Accessories Ambassadors Jon Mangogna and Jesse Carnes traveled from Nosara, Costa Rica where they live and teach fitness and advanced surfing, to Mentawais Islands in Indonesia for some R&R. Catching up with Mangogna after this once and a lifetime trip he stated, “One would think that living (and playing) full time in a […]

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Screen shot 2015-09-23 at 11.00.18 PM

Featured on!! handpicks from millions of products to present only the best of the best and decided to feature GoSurf Accessories Mouth Mount for GoPro! We are really excited to be featured among the Tech category along side hundreds of amazing products. Make sure to check us out on the website, and […]

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skate a thon


GoSurf Accessories is co-sponsoring The Adrenalina Skate-A-Thon 2105 in San Diego, California! This 26.2 Mile Race is not only to promote health fitness and action sports, but it helps raise money for Parkinson’s research and supports Summit For Stem-cell. This action packed event hosts hundreds of competitors on skateboards with the coarse around Fiesta Island. […]

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surfers view

The GoPro Mouthpiece Mount has made its way to the kegging barrels of New Jersey where The Surfers View online magazine is stationed. We sent them a mount and this is what they had to say:

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10 year

WaveHouse 10 Year Anniversary

                            Don’t miss out on an Epic Week in San Diego, CA at the WaveHouse! Its going to be an action packed week with pros teaching and ripping the wave, Who is J.O.B. 5.0 movie premiere, night riding, 10 year anniversary party, […]

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Supporting Local Ocean Activists

GoSurf is making a conscious effort to spread Ocean Conservation through our social media and brand packaging. We are using recycling methods for our future product in development, and we also put some funds down to Ocean Conservation Organizations like San Diego Surfrider Foundation and San Diego Coast Keeper. We believe in these organizations and […]

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Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 2.52.43 PM

Bombing Blacks using GoPro

Justin Kludy, San Diego downhill destroyer and owner of Kludyville Slide Gloves met up with us at Blacks Beach in San Diego, CA this week. Justin was more then stoked to use his GoPro and Mouthpiece Mount for the session, so we decided to put it to the test. Ripping around turns and bombing through […]

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